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A revolution in fitness…. Inside and out.
This is where Intelligence and Fitness meet. For years they’ve been kept separate. Alone. Divided. But no more.
Here you will get high performance training in body and mind. Expand your physicality, mentality, and emotional well-being.
Explore your experience in a systematic way.
Evolve into your ideas and your ideals.
And play… within our Evolutionary games™.
This is the first comprehensive Embodiment training/Coaching program of its kind.
For individuals and groups.

We love working with those that are exceptional and shooting for the stars (or want to be).
If you are an awake and CONSCIOUS human being… this is the place to be.
If you are hyper SENSITIVE… you have a home and a place to learn and become powerful.
If you are an INTELLECT… look no further than these pages.

Become ICONIC.
You can have it all.

Evolve yourself....From fragile to fierce.

Advanced fitness

with Erotic and Success Coaching

Life Training™ - The Fusion ...is a completely innovative system for the modern person. Our signature program takes just a bit of the best from a broad number of fitness techniques from our Spiral Kinetics™ fitness program and goes well beyond into something incredibly new... to Shape you up, Muscle up, Sexify, make you Smarter, and create far more levels of Power....
from Delicate to Highly Dynamic™
So you can be successful in life and recreate your world to be what you want it to be.

It addresses your physicality, neurology, and psychology ... combining them together into
Life Training™...
to evolve you.

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It will teach you how you can systematically integrate all these feature to become an even greater version of who you are...
and give you the edge.


Our three distinct areas of training are below- Done in person, online, or by phone

Individual Training

Individual Training

Group Training

Group Training

Teachers Training

Teachers Training

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The Most Intelligent Fitness and Life Coaching Online!

Lets make you healthier, smarter, and more freakin successful all
at the same time.
Our online courses and certifications are like no other. They are powerful
and intelligent.
Increase your physicality (ablilities and looks) and your dynamic inner being with the original
features of SpiralKinetics™ fitness training and Personal Acceleration® Life Coaching...
Culimating in our Life Training™ program.
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Who is Howard Jay Ginsberg?

Howard Jay Ginsberg is a Transformational Embodiment and Fitness specialist who focuses on helping you awaken your physical, sexual, mental, and primal energy, and harnessing this power to passionately manifest your biggest visions and create the life of your dreams. Howard is an author, entrepreneur, owner, and innovator in the realms of physical fitness, consciousness, sexuality/relationship, and personal transformation.