Its time for fitness itself to evolve.

For too long has it been mainly for the body.

That was really good. But its not enough.

You need more. You need access to more.

You need a way to come to your full potential.

That is why I brought Powerbuilders™ into being, right here and right now.

It is a comprehensive program designed for your complete evolution.

We start with fitness and advanced body movement techniques, with or without weights, and then teach coaching techniques right there on top of it.


We invite you deep into Intelligence Enhancement programs, extensive Relationship and Erotic Power programs.

Culminating in Business Coaching. So that you just might increase the wealth of this world; your wealth, the wealth of our society, and the planet… through your gifts.

We want it ALL available to you. We want you to be YOUR BEST. And not miss a thing.

If you are an Intelligent, Sensitive, Conscious, and Aware modern person…. we are specialized to work with you.

To have you either work directly with Howard… or one of his cadre of Life trainer™ coaches.

To advance you. Stage by stage.

This is the place to do it.

Our mission is to bring the idea of embodying your evolution™ into the world.

Not in an esoteric, metaphysical way…But in a way that is as real and down to earth as you get.

Every one of our programs is grounded in reality.

Real ideas. Hard-core information. Solid actions. Actual results.

We teach you how to embody your results and change your neurological system for the better.

Soon, we will be opening facilities to bring this closer to you.

Local and worldwide.


I could have done this years ago. Created and offered this all here. But I’m rather precise.

I wouldn’t release this to the public, to you, until I had it all together.. its effectiveness and results.

In service of you. Now.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to come.

We ALL need to become more. And we need guidance to get there.

Sexy. Intelligent. Fit. Powerful. Successful. And Evolved.

Become a Kinesthete™  (a kinesthetic Athlete)

….From fragile to fierce™.