Advanced Fitness

Powerbuilders™ teaches you multiple fitness systems….
to make and keep you Smart, Sexy, and Strong.

Classic fitness – Weightlifting for muscle gain and weight loss.

Powerlifting – To gain immense strength through benchpresses, squats, deadlifts and more.

Functional training – Exercise with weights that mirror the useful movements of daily living.

Yoga movements – To expand range of motion, flexibility, and static strength.

And of course….our Advanced Signature Program:

Spiral Kinetic® Fitness

Read more about Spiral Kinetic™ fitness below:

The New Fitness – Spiral Kinetics®

After years of watching the fitness industry engender good movements that get good results yet may often cause either injury or minor increase in dynamic ability we here at Powerbuilders™ have developed our exclusive program:


If you could have only one program to follow, this would be it.

Spiral Kinetics® has its roots in modern physical therapy and fitness, eastern healing techniques, and esoteric martial arts; increasing physical resistance and intensity until finely sculpted aesthetics and high athleticism have formed.

We’ve taken the best from different modalities: yoga, weight training techniques, plyometrics, and more and have re-designed them with 21 century high-performance in mind.

Forget your normal linear training protocol.

This is 4 dimensional.

This program heals as you train, bringing your body into full, powerful alignment.

This means you can rehab an injury, bring yourself to a healthy rock hard body, and push the upper limits of power and ability… all with one program.

Most programs do not address you comprehensively. They have a piece of the total picture, but do not address you as a whole in your entirety. This one gives you all the exercises to change your life while inviting you to innovate as well.

Dramatically improve any forceful sport. Gain the graceful abilities and delicate power of a high performance dancer. Use your body for weight-lifting intensity… creatively. Optimize your neurological system and your muscles to use your mind/body connection in a whole new way.

This program also may have modern life coaching methods woven into it (see The Fusion: Life Training™) to affect clear thinking, intelligence, inner states of high performance, and your evolution. We want you to have the ability to do practically anything you want with your self and your body… to perfect your body and mind. This program guides you all the way.

See our online Spiral Kinetics® Fitness Program here: Spiral Kinetics

Even the most delicate among you can become powerful.

Vegan Power – For those that are interested we teach the benefits of a plant based diet. Benefits for your body, your mind, and the planet. Ways of transitioning effectively, becoming a far more dynamic being.

Improve strength, endurance, health, and muscle growth.

Get in the shape you were made for™

21 years in the making.

The Most Intelligent Fitness… all in one place.

…From fragile to Fierce™.