Dynamic On-line Courses

You can have this all… online.

We want to make much of this information accessible to you right now and give you the foundations you need

You can sign up right here for our On-line Courses and do it all from your home, so there is no excuse but to get involved… or you can work online with one of our Life trainers™.

The advantage to working with any one of our guides online or in person is that they know far more and can customize the programs for you.

This is extensive work. Customization is a HUGE key. Moving through your personal hurdles fast and effectively are the results.

The advantage to our online courses is that they are a massive (not exaggerating) foundation for you….whether you work with a guide or not. They will give you the tools you need to advance and evolve in the privacy of your own home and in the time parameter you decide for yourself. .

All of our online courses are continually being added to and updated for the better. So even if you have done them all in the first year, the next year may be very different as we are always looking to bring you the next greatest information, skills, and techniques to make you better.

And with each course you will get additional trainings and groups to join. You will never be alone and can always ask questions along the way.


is our premier fitness training program. Organic and powerful, working like magic, we are hoping to see it up there with Pilates and Yoga as the way future generations train.

Forget your normal linear training protocol.

This is 4 dimensional training.

This program heals as you train…bringing your body into full, powerful alignment.

We have designed this with physical and massage therapy in mind. And now it is here for you.

Exercises and videos are included.

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PERSONAL ACCELERATION® Coaching is our Premier coaching program.

It is the foundation for ALL the work we do here at Powerbuilders™.

And its the foundation you need to understand all of coaching and get it into your system.

We have streamlined Coaching itself so you can have the best parts… the highest quality information, abilities, and results. Relationships, physicality, intellect, and especially emotional intelligence will increase dramatically.

You will gain an intense understanding of yourself, then practice your skills and simply become better.

Whether you work with a coach or by yourself this program will give you all the tools you need to excel.

Check it out, join up, and begin your coaching program right now.

From there the sky is not the limit… its only the beginning.

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Both are required to become a Life Trainer™