Teachers Training

We have a great many programs here at Powerbuilders™…

And if you’re in the industry or want to be… we want you to become certified to teach them.

We are not here to own our information.., but to share.

And spread the message of excellence and evolution.

If you are a Professional Fitness trainer, or want to be… Spiral Kinetic™ Fitness is a great fit for you.

You will learn how to take clients through 7 stages of physical excellence. From healing, to intense conditioning, to power and dynamic ability.

Sign up for our certification today here:

Become Spiral Kinetic™ certified.

Personal Acceleration® Coaching is our premier coaching methodology.
It will give you a leg up on the coaching competition.

It breaks boundaries in self understanding, embodiment, creativity, and the depth of being that it takes to work with an individual.

Become certified in Personal Acceleration® Coaching and help people become the sensual, powerful, successful beings they really should be.

Or… you might just want to learn both systems.

Become a Powerbuilders™ Life Trainer™.

The fusion of both disciplines.

And you can advance beyond the competition and become even more.

Intelligence, Fitness, Relationships, Business, and Evolution… From fragile to Fierce™.